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Masonry Joints, Laying of Masonry Joints

Poser des joints

The laying of masonry joints, but also the various repointing work, are absolutely necessary to keep your building in excellent condition

Maçonnerie 514 will accompany you in the preparation of this work, based on his experience and the quality of its teams of professionals at your service.

To protect your investment and maintain the quality and condition of your walls of bricks or stones, we must ensure  to perform routine maintenance.
By posing gaskets on your walls, you can avoid the various dangers of water infiltration and can prevent a major deterioration of the building envelope.



Good quality of gaskets offer ideal protection against the weather

Joints of your brick walls such as stone require more attention and should be examined regularly to prevent damage to your building. Watch them carefully to protect your new house or other building.

This prevents the degradation of your assets.

Shaping the joints of your building offers not only a necessary consolidation, but also a beautiful esthetic.