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Mason Installers of Concrete Blocks

514 Maconnerie is a company with the expertise in
construction using concrete blocks
Bloc de béton

The use of concrete blocks has many advantages in the variety of forms which can adapt each buidling closest to the needs expressed. We 
will explore with you, the type of concrete block which will be the most
appropriate for your project based on your masonry needs.


The concrete block, an effecient insulator

The concrete block also has the ability to be both resistant (against fire and frost) and is an effective insulator.  In addition, it offers high performance for thermal and accoustic comfort.

The overall energy balance of the concrete block is rather interesting:  it requires little energy in the manufacturing of the cement, which in the long run reduces carbon emissions.

The choice of the dimensions of your concrete blocks will be made after the analysis of your building, so we may offer you the blocks best suiting your building.

The concrete block is the ideal choice to protect your basement walls against rising water and from the soil.