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Maconnerie 514 Your masonry company of Metropolitan Montreal

Montreal experts  in Masonry – Residential, Commercial and Rental

514 Maconnerie is a company specializing in masonry for residential and commercial sectors in the Montreal area.  With our expertise in brick masonry, we will help you with your construction, renovation (interior and exterior) and demolition.

Our Services – Brick, Stone and Concrete Blocks Masonry.

Our teams of bricklayers specialize in the construction of brick or stone walls made of natural stone, concrete blocks, including all types of work with heights in Metropolitain Montreal.

We are also professionals in the resurfacing of masonry, joints, and crack repairs.

Our Masonry Achievements

For more information, please visit our completed projects in brick masonry in the Montreal area, or request a free quote.

At maconnerie 514, our priority is the client and we will return your call whether small or large jobs. We have teams that specialize in small home renovations such as repointing in a wall or to replace a few bricks, all work is good to realize.

We also have teams specializing in the laying of bricks and stones for new homes and can easily serve as a general contractor or a person contracting auto.

We also have teams specializing in the commercial field, such as walls and block others. This approach ensures that regardless of the type of work you have to trust us, we will live up to your expectations and within your budget no matter whether small or large work